ASTsolutions Privacy Notice

Thank you for reading our Privacy Notice. Your privacy is important to you and to us. This notice explains how we use your information and keep it safe.

Importantly, it explains the choices you can make at any time about how your information may be used.

This notice applies to ASTsolutions products and services including internet, wireless, voice and ASTsolutions apps. We will tell you if a different notice applies. For example:

  • Cricket and DIRECTV (including U-verse TV) have their own privacy notices.
  • ASTsolutions business customers may have a service agreement that covers the handling of information. The service agreement controls if it is different from this Privacy Notice.
  • For ASTsolutions business customers outside the United States, the ASTsolutions Business Customer Privacy Notice – Most of Worldgoverns if different from this Privacy Notice.

Please make sure everyone who uses your account knows they are covered by this notice.

The information we collect:

To better run our business, we collect information about you, your equipment and how you use our products and services. This can include:

  • Account information. You give us information about yourself, such as contact and billing information. We also keep service-related history and details, including Customer Proprietary Network Information.
  • Equipment information. We collect information about equipment on our network like the type of device you use, device ID, and phone number
  • Network performance. We monitor and test the health and performance of our network. This includes your use of Products and Services to show how our network and your device are working.
  • Location information. Location data is automatically generated when devices, products and services interact with cell towers and WiFi routers. Location can also be generated by Bluetooth services, network devices and other tech, including GPS satellites.
  • Web browsing and app information. We automatically collect a variety of information which may include time spent on websites or apps, website and IP addresses and advertising IDs. It also can include links and ads seen, videos watched, search terms entered and items placed in online ASTsolutions shopping carts. We may use pixels, cookies and similar tools to collect this information. We don’t decrypt information from secure websites or apps – such as passwords or banking information.
  • Third-party information. We get information from outside sources like credit reports, marketing mailing lists and commercially available demographic and geographic data. Social media posts also may be collected, if you reach out to us directly or mention ASTsolutions.

All these types of information are considered Personal Information when they can reasonably be linked to you as an identifiable person or household. For instance, information is personal when it can be linked to your name, account number or device.

How we use your information :

We rely on the information we collect to support our business functions, power our services and improve your experience, such as when we:

  • Combine it with the information from testing and running our network to determine which products and services better meet the needs of our customers.
  • Provide our products and services.
  • Contact you.
  • Improve your experience and safety. This includes verifying your identity, detecting and preventing fraud, protecting your financial accounts, authorizing transactions and assisting your interactions with customer care.
  • Improve and protect our network.
  • se it to help understand which additional products and services may interest you and others. (We don’t access or use the content of your texts, emails or calls for this or any other marketing and advertising.)
  • Design and deliver advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns to you and others – and measuring their effectiveness
  • se it for billing, collection, and protection of our property and legal rights.
  • revent and investigate security issues, illegal activities, and violations of our terms and conditions.
  • Conduct research and create aggregated reports – reports that offer insights about groups of customers, but not individuals (we do not attempt to re-identify individuals in aggregated reports).
How we share your information :

As described in the following paragraphs, ASTsolutions shares information within our own ASTsolutions companies and affiliates. We also share with non-ASTsolutions companies.

ASTsolutions affiliates. We share information that identifies you personally with our affiliates, such as DIRECTV and Cricket. When we share this information, they must follow this Privacy Notice regarding your info, not just their own policy.

ASTsolutions affiliates and non-ASTsolutions companies for advertising and marketing. We may share information with affiliates and other companies to deliver our ads and marketing or to assess their effectiveness. (Learn more about our ad programs and see your choices

Non-ASTsolutions companies providing a service. We use suppliers for services like marketing and mailing bills. When we share your information with suppliers, we require them to use it only for the intended purpose and to protect it consistent with this notice.

Non-ASTsolutions companies for identity verification. We share your information to protect you from fraud, authenticate your identity, protect your financial accounts and authorize transactions. When we share with companies like your bank for this purpose, we require them to use it only for the intended purpose and to protect it consistent with this notice.

Non-ASTsolutions companies or entities where authorized or required by law.
This can happen when we:

  • Comply with court orders, subpoenas, and lawful discovery requests, and as otherwise authorized or required by law. Like all companies, we must comply with legal requirements.
  • Detect and prevent fraud.
  • Provide or obtain information related to payment for your service.
  • Route your calls or other communications, like connecting calls or text messages with other carrier networks.
  • Ensure network operations and security, defend against legal claims and enforce our legal rights.
  • Notify, respond, or provide information (including location) to an appropriate governmental entity in emergency circumstances such as immediate danger of death or serious physical injury
  • Alert the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to information concerning child pornography if we become aware through the provision of our services.
  • Share the names, addresses and telephone numbers of non-mobile phone customers with phone directory publishers and directory assistance services as required by law. We honor your request for non-published or non-listed numbers.
  • Provide name and phone number for wireline and wireless Caller ID and related services like Call Trace.

Non-ASTsolutions companies for metrics, insights and research. We may share aggregated (grouped) data that does not identify you personally for these purposes. We require that companies and entities agree not to attempt to identify individuals – or allow others to do so. We share in this manner for:

  • Metrics: Sometimes you enjoy a service from us that directly involves another business. For instance, we might provide the Wi-Fi service at a place you visit. As part of our service, we may provide aggregate metrics reports to that business about how the Wi-Fi is being used, such as aggregated location and web-browsing data. It can only be used for group insights.
  • Insights: We may share aggregated data about our network, operations or services.
  • Research: We may share information for research. We require the entities to handle the data securely and not reuse or resell it.

Non-ASTsolutions companies for location services. With your consent, we may share your location information for traffic and mapping apps and other location services to which you subscribe. We share only with your consent unless required by law. Keep in mind:

  • You may give your consent to us, or you may give it directly to another company – like a medical alerting device company
  • If you give it directly to another company, that company governs the use or disclosure of location.
  • In some cases, such as parental controls, consent may come from the ASTsolutions account holder and not the individual user.

Access, delete and correct your personal information. You can ask to see what personal information we have about you. You can also ask us to delete or correct it.

  • Access and Portability. If you want to see the personal information we’ve collected, you can ask us for it. We will describe the categories of info we collect, the specific pieces we’ve collected, the sources of the information, the purposes for collecting, sharing or selling it and the categories of non-ASTsolutions companies with whom we shared it. You can also ask to “port” your data, which means you get a copy that you can take with you.
  • Delete. You can ask us to delete your personal information. In keeping with various state laws, please know that we will still keep data needed for things like running the business, security and fraud protection, compliance with legal obligations and marketing our products and services to our own customers.
  • Correct. You can ask us to correct inaccurate personal information we have about you. We’ll ask you to provide documentation to support the correction and let you know the result.
Personalized and Personalized Plus

ASTsolutions has two programs that use your personal information to help customize your experience. For instance, you might be shown an online advertisement that is more relevant to your interests, rather than a general ad.

You can choose to participate or not – and it’s never a problem if you change your mind. You are automatically enrolled in the Personalized program, but you can always opt out. You must opt in to join Personalized Plus. Choices for both programs can be made at

Here is a comparison of the programs:

Data Use or Sharing DescriptionPersonalizedPersonalized Plus
Uses data about your use of our products and services, including data from apps.
Uses demographic data like age range and ethnicity that we purchase from third parties.
Uses data from our advertising partners.
Uses automated decision-making, such as artificial intelligence.
Does not use information about your medical conditions or financial account information.
Does not access or use the contents of your texts, emails or calls
May share data with other companies involved in advertising.
May use precise location and Customer Proprietary Network Information for marketing and advertising.
May use web browsing we collect as your internet provider for marketing and advertising and infer websites you visit over a secured connection.

If you live in certain states, we won’t collect, use, store or share your sensitive personal information for marketing and advertising unless you join Personalized Plus. This includes information like ethnicity and racial origin. The states are Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

If you join the Personalized Plus program, it is an extension of the Personalized program, and you will be enrolled in both. If you also select a privacy option called “Do not sell or share my personal information,” you will be enrolled only in portions of Personalized Plus that don’t sell or share your information externally