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In today's interconnected world, telecommunications plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless

Fiber engineering services

Fiber-optic technology plays a pivotal role in American scientific and technical (AST) solutions,

Private networks and WiFi solutions

AST Solutions, in the context of private networks and WiFi, offer advanced connectivity options

It & Software Development

IT and software development drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in businesses, empowering them with advanced technological solutions.


Staffing services provide businesses with skilled professionals, ensuring they have the right talent to meet their organizational needs.

Data center & Cloud Services

Data Center & Cloud Services provide secure and scalable solutions for storing, managing, and accessing data, enabling efficient business operations.

RF Planning & Integration

RF planning optimizes wireless networks for seamless connectivity, minimal interference, and maximum coverage.

RF Design

RF design ensures efficient and reliable wireless communication by strategically integrating components, optimizing signal quality, and minimizing interference.

RF Optimization

RF optimization maximizes the performance and efficiency of wireless networks by minimizing interference, improving signal quality, and

Managed Services

Cloud Computing

American Scientific and Technical Solutions (ASTS) is a pioneer in leveraging cloud computing technologies


Welcome to American Scientific Technical Solutions, your premier partner in transforming infrastructure

Information Technology Consulting

Welcome to American Scientific Technical Solutions, your trusted partner in Information Technology (IT) consulting.

Network Security

Network security is a critical aspect of modern business operations, and American Scientific Technical Solutions

Engineering Expertise

American Scientific Technical Solutions (ASTS) stands at the forefront of engineering expertise, offering

Designing for Excellence

Designing for excellence is a core principle at American Scientific Technical Solutions (ASTS).

Digital Engineering

Digital engineering is at the forefront of the American Scientific Technical Solutions' (ASTS) approach

Supporting a Global, Connected World

American Scientific and Technical Solutions (ASTS) plays a vital role in supporting a global,

Wi-Fi / 5G Network Testing

American Scientific Technical Solutions (ASTS) is a leading provider of comprehensive Wi-Fi and 5G network