ASTsolutions Cancelation Notice


Parties. In these terms and conditions, the words “ASTsolutions,” “We,” “Us” and “Our” mean ASTsolutions Mobility LLC and DIRECTV LLC, and their affiliated companies, and the words “You” and “Your” mean the person signing below.

Payment Upon Cancellation. If Your ASTsolutions account for one or more services (an “Account”) is cancelled by You or Us and the final bill for the Account is not paid by You by the due date, You acknowledge, consent and authorize Us to charge to Your Payment Method (as defined below) the amount of the final bill and any other amounts outstanding on the Account, including without limitation (1) any applicable Early Termination Fees or other cancellation fees and equipment non-return fees and (2) any amounts outstanding under any applicable device installment agreement associated with the Account that are due upon cancellation of a service (this “Payment Upon Cancellation Authorization” or “PUCA”). Please be aware that there may be more than one charge to Your Payment Method until all amounts outstanding on the Account are paid in full.

If a charge to Your Payment Method under this PUCA is declined, including for insufficient funds, We may re-submit the charge up to the number of times permitted by network rules, and We also reserve the right to undertake further collection action, including imposing costs and fees to the extent permitted by law.

Other PUCAs. If You previously provided Us with a PUCA in substantially similar form with respect to the Account subject to this PUCA, that prior authorization is replaced with this PUCA, and any different payment method under that prior authorization is replaced with Your Payment Method under this PUCA. However, this PUCA does not replace any PUCAs You previously provided or may provide in the future for other Accounts You may have with Us.

Your Payment Method. “Your Payment Method” means the credit card, debit card or reloadable prepaid card (a “Card”) information (1) You provided to Us today, if any, or (2) the Card information You previously provided to Us (a “Stored Payment Method”) that You designated today to be charged under this PUCA.

If You provided Card information to us today, You authorize Us to store that Card information for purposes of this PUCA (a “Storage Authorization”). You acknowledge that We may obtain updated (e.g., a new expiration date) or changed (e.g., a new Card account) Card information from Your financial institution (an “Updater Service”) and that any such updated or changed Card information will be Your Payment Method for this PUCA.

If instead You designated a Stored Payment Method, You authorize Us to make a copy of that Stored Payment Method and store the copy for purposes of this PUCA (a “Copy Authorization”). We also use Updater Services in connection with Stored Payment Methods, which also update or change any copy We made and stored. Please be aware that, if You update or change Your Stored Payment Method or We or You remove or cancel that Stored Payment Method from Your records with Us, We will continue to retain and use the copy of the Stored Payment Method We made, as it may be updated or changed by any Updater Service from time to time, for purposes of this PUCA while this PUCA remains in effect.

Owner of Accounts. You certify that You are the owner of both the Account and the credit, deposit or prepaid account accessed by the Card (an “owner” is the person who has the obligation to pay under the Account or an account accessed by a Card, and does not include a person whose name is on a Card but is not also an owner), and You acknowledge that an acceptable Payment Method does not include a Card with respect to which You are only an authorized user and not the Card account owner.

Revocation. This PUCA and either Your Storage Authorization or Copy Authorization, as applicable, will remain in effect until revoked by You, Your financial institution, or ASTsolutions. You may revoke an authorization by calling the customer care number provided with Your bill, which revocation will take effect when ASTsolutions has had a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Revocation of any one of the authorizations provided in these terms and conditions (i.e., this PUCA or a Storage or Copy Authorization) will automatically revoke the other authorization provided herein. If Your authorizations are revoked, You remain responsible for paying any amounts due upon cancellation of the Account, including by making that payment by check or another payment method.

Release; Copy. You release ASTsolutions from any and all claims arising from Your authorizations. A copy of these terms and conditions will be sent to the e-mail address we have for You on file. Also, if You are completing Your authorizations online, You may print or save to Your device or computer a copy for Your records.